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Wrecking crew member Flame collaborated with Zoocci Coke Dope to compile a project called “Do Not Disturb”

In what seems to be a partnership that just happened in studio from just constantly working together and spending time in the same environments, the two artists produced a gem of a project.

“Just Another Interlude”

An intro to the very futuristic trap feel, Flame opens up by talking about a girl who he’s been trying to contact with and build a bond with, Zoocci then comes in and says that maybe they fell in love too soon and that they can only build from the foundation.”

“Amazing Grace”

Environments where people like to claim that they’re Kings & Queens of the game, Flame & Zoocci make it very clear that they know what’s really going on and the music they’ve been making is much better than a lot of ‘cats’ who feel like they’re at the top.

“Thinking About You”

“I keep thinking about you, can’t survive without you.”

Zoocci opens up this song with his impeccable smooth hook game and pours his heart out in telling a woman that she is all he thinks about that he really needs her to complete his world. Flame then comes in reassures the woman that she must never get enough of the infatuation in just having her on his mind.

“Made It Out”

This song stood out for me because it just describes the road their whole crew have been through in getting freedom and being able to do whatever they want. Many artists who pursue solo careers after leaving labels on bad terms usually never find a way back to the main scene..

“Started winning and friends started turning into foes.”

These are the tracks that especially stood out for me from the project.

Personally, It took me a couple of weeks to understand the vision of the project but now I do better.

The sound they’re bringing to the table is very ‘current American Hip Hop’ influenced, maybe trying to appeal to the overseas market in hopes to get more recognition that side.

Shout out to the TWC and just the whole independent movement.

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