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Durban-based rapper, Zakwe dropped his third studio album “Cebisa” in early in July, 2018.

The compilation is made up of events that took place when his journey took a detour, where the things he was going through made it very difficult for him to rely on his music to heal and instead resorted to alcohol.

The rap album is an appreciation of life and how things can change if only you have faith and believe in family, friends and God.

The tracklist kicks off with ‘Ngiyabonga’ and ‘More Blessings’ hard hitting beats in which he details the feuds he had with different organisations and people around him and just taking it back to the hood and the basics.

‘Blood’ and ‘Roots’ that are located in the middle of the compilation, features AB Crazy, Stogie T, Jay Claude and up coming skilled rapper from Durban, MPK. They came together and orchestrated two more hard hitting, soulful hits that detail how important helping people who appreciate you is and always remembering that blood is thicker than water.

With more highlights towards the lower end of project, in the form of ‘Daai Deng’ , Indlela, Kleva which are hood undoubtedly hood anthems. Zakwe made sure to also supply the Kasi feel he’d grown up to. I personally think Daai Deng featuring. Ma E will do very well in the clubs as soon as it’s released as a single.

This is a beautiful album, definitely his best record yet filled a lot of emotion and ‘back to basics’ rapping for his original fans.

I do think that the compilation lacks a bit in flow changes and creativity. I get the same feeling throughout the whole album, like it was recorded in one day.

Even with that I definitely believe this is one of the best rap albums out so far in 2018. Every track is exciting to listen to.

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