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Cape Town’s very own son, YoungstaCPT announced the name to his album ‘3T’ and also admitted that South Africa has been blessed with a lot of work this year, that he feels like an album from him right now is not needed.

Labeled as one of Africa’s best lyricists on the circuit right now, the rapper has been hard at work climbing up the ladder and making a name for himself, featuring in a number of buzzing songs like Jungle Justice, Ready Or Not, Skebe Dep Dep, FU 2 and his very own hit single ‘KAAPSTAD’S REVENGE‘ he is setting himself up for a successful campaign.

With 30 mixtapes so far, the emcee is proof that hard work is still a reliable recipe to being recognized !

He also teased fans that another mixtape might drop before the year ends so be on your toes!

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