YoungstaCPT paints visual stories of Cape Town on Debut ‘3T’ Album

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Cape Town’s dearest son, YoungstaCPT dropped his much anticipated debut album ‘Things Take Time’ after patiently buying his time and working hard to get his name out to the world.

The heart-felt LP touches on the current state of youth, employment and social economic issues in his hometown, sharing points of views from different influences in his life, more notably throughout the track list his 70-year-old grandfather provides his perspective right throughout.

Having also taken up the imagery of the cover art, It’s clear that the rapper seeks guidance from this man who has experienced three different generations and uses his words of wisdom to paint out blueprints in order to help find the causes and solutions to the ongoing fight for economic freedom and decreasing the crime rate in the city.

He realizes that he cannot be in this fight alone and is asking anybody who is inspired by his journey or ones already on the road to making the world a better place to continue fighting.

Check out ‘3T’ here:


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