YoungstaCPT & Irshaad Ally – Dala Wat Jy Moet

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YoungstaCPT promised to come for everything in 2018 and he’s backed this up by dropping his 30th mixtape and working with another Kaapstad up coming artist in Irshaad Ally.

Taken from a from a movie that recently dropped this story is based around doing what you have to do to make it out of your rough situation and don’t listen to the people in your community who try to bring you down.

It doesn’t matter whether you are from the suburbs or the hood, everybody has their own separate struggles that they go through, e.g. loans, drug addiction or gambling.

It is also not on to use the powerful positions you attain to manipulate young kids to fulfilling your sexual urges and desires.

Peer pressure is a big society issue that young people face and finding yourself in trouble at school isn’t going to do you any good in your quest to put food on you or your families table one day.

“The Sky Isn’t The Limit, It’s Only The Beginning.”

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