Word The Unorthodox – 3PM IN CAPE TOWN

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Recording artist, Word The Unorthodox dropped ‘3PM IN CAPE TOWN’ in May 2018 to express his pen game and showing his fans that he can also hold it down with the old school flow.

With not much of a hook, the rapper decided to show off his ability to put puns together and take the old school route of just letting the raps do the talking.

The song starts off with Word explaining that he woke up in the morning and read about the philosophy while other people were still sleeping, he was already trying to get ahead.

“Had the seizure, felt a pain in my spine, even saw Michael Jackson moon-walking on the sun.”

With a very unorthodox approach, as his name depicts he constantly switches up into different various topics, assuming that the different story changes fill the spaces for where the hooks would normally go.

The come up for any hard rapper is difficult compared to most but as the abstract writer says, nowadays niggas are normally flexing on a budget and he’d rather take the long way up.

“Living the life of Christ, I cannot wait for the outcome.”

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