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1.1 MILLION soundcloud streams and with only a few weeks left until the release of his debut EP(which drops on the 30th of November 2018) South African artist, Wiz Domination revealed that he had taken part in a very special project.

His first international collaboration. Colombia(Mc Dementor) 🇨🇴, Ghana(New Niino & Ellz Chale) 🇬🇭 And South Africa(Wizdomination) 🇿🇦 came together to create a motivational, hard core, hip hop track called “God Bless”.

The song is an anthem for all the hustlers out there, to not settle for less, work hard to get out of poverty and get these cheques, not to mention the song has both Spanish and English raps.

Listen here:


Mc Dementor
Ellz Chale 

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