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Who is HRDx?

I’m very certain you’ve seen the HRDx logo on some social media platforms right next to a valid content. Well, HRDx is a crew made up of two fantastic producers and two eligible lyricists (for now) in a field of their own.

HRDx spells out Hard times. Quite creative, ain’t it?

Epidemix,-“these are in the hard time so we are bound to make hard music for them to vibe with”

Projects from this camp alone have been definitely finessed by Epidemix Gh and Sobeatzgh in collaboration with other great producers all over the world.

From 2015, the camp has released tracks upon tracks, projects upon projects..features upon features, with Epidemix and Sobeatzgh releasing beat tapes and producing other artists in and outside this cohort of geniuses.

With Copta having 3 solid projects (Little Drops, UnI, and The Finer Things) under his belt and Kweysi Chip releasing his first ever project.
(The Red Shift )…they have given us two classic projects within February and March(TFT and TRS).

Are you ready for HRDx again ?….

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