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In a year that has been filled with regular new music and new names entering the market, South African Hip Hop musically has been supplied with a lot of content from the artists behind the mic and those that engineer the work.

It even got to a point where I couldn’t even keep up with the amount of work I was trying to digest, hence the extended break and I realized that maybe it was time that I focus on watering the roots of other aspects of my life.

Music is such a powerful tool that needs one to really sit down and analysis ones artistry; I was starting to feel like my ear was starting to hear the same things from different artists.

But nonetheless, these are some of the projects I’ve had on rotation in recent times:

Stogie T – Honey And Pain

ShabZi Madallion – Soul’d Out

Kid X – Thank Da King

Zakwe – Cebisa

BlackAce – Trimesters & Semesters

PdotO – Under The Sun

ProVerb – Write Of Passage

HMz – Patience & Greatness

*Recent Entry*

Kass – Pretty Things Last Forever

These are some(not all) of the projects I have on my ‘MOST PLAYED’ list. Each has brought its own unique sound that I have absorbed into my everyday life.

I look forward to Season 2 of my blog inserts to you. Hopefully, they’re more subjective than objective, closer to home and candid!

Watch it through my ears !

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