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St. Beryl, born Beryl Stephenson is a free-spirited Ghanaian Afro-soul and reggae singer-songwriter. She sings in local Ghanaian dialects, pidgin, and English. She is currently a student at the University of Ghana- Legon.



1. What’s your philosophy in life that influences your creative work?

To live my passion. And my passion turns out to be making music and philanthropy.


2. Do you remember when you wrote your first song and when did you start taking music seriously?

Yes, I do. I wrote my first in high school. I’ve always been a singer but I took music more seriously after writing my first song.



3. How would you describe your genre of music?

I don’t have one particular genre of music that inspires me, But per the inspiration I get I’m able to compose songs, to the extent of people referring to me as an afro-soul artist



4. How did you meet Wanlov and what inspired the ‘Kwesi’ song?

I made and posted a video of myself singing ‘my toto’ on Instagram. And it got to him so we made contact, that’s how I met Wanlov, ‘Kwesi’ was a vibe I got in the studio with Wanlov To bring a twist to the cliché fairytale love frenzy in songs and to be unique.


5. Should we expect more collaborations with Wanlov in the future?




6. Can you describe to us your fashion sense?

I wear anything comfortable. I’m a big fan of tie and dye and this, in a way, helps promotes Afrocentrism.


7. What do you feel is the most pertinent issue in our society and What in your opinion is a musician’s role for being a force for societal change?

Trying to impress. Copying other people when we can just be ourselves. Music is an entertaining form of communication, so we should be able to motivate and inspire society with our chosen form of music.



8. What makes you stand out as an artist?

My songs, themes, and voice.


9. Who are you inspired by?

Burna boy, Asa and Wanlov de Kubolor for his very realistic nature.


10. What’s next for St. Beryl?

New projects and huge announcements.

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