Wayo & Darkovibes Blend Traditional and Contemporary Sounds on New Single “Say Yes”

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Kwadjo Wayo, popularly known as Wayo, started his music career in Atlanta, Georgia where he was raised. In between his travels to Ghana, his home country, he developed a taste for both highlife, hip hop, and trap. His wide range of music from R&B, hip hop, and highlife makes him a refreshing new entry into the Ghanaian music scene.

Wayo is hitting 2019 with a fresh new sound. After hitting Accra radio charts with relative hits Muscatella featuring Joey B and Champion Banana, Wayo returns with a modern spin on highlife on new single ‘Say Yes’.

Laced with guitar strings and drums, ‘Say yes’ features new sensation on the block Darko Vibes. The duo created a melodious song; with Wayo rapping over the distinct strings, while Darkovibes sings passionately in his local parlance, Ga.

Produced by Kuvie, ‘Say Yes’ is a sonic representation of indigenous Ghanaian music from an urban lens. It blends traditional sounds with contemporary lyrics and melodies in a very interesting one. It’s a brilliant salute to Ghanaian palm wine music and highlife music mavericks such as “Agya Koo Nimo” and “CK Mann”. The song is a head-nodding earworm that will have you grooving all day.

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