VIDEO| B4bonah and Zodivc “Fit” and Ready to Fight Demons in New Visuals.

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Undoubtedly one of the best tunes off  “PRONO ST” project, ‘Fit’ is a reflective song that tackles Black Excellence, natural energy and good vibes.

B4bonah has always been a source of energy for producer/partner Zodivc to feed on, the duo’s ability to understand each other musically has led to the creation of a very good tape.

On this tune, B4bonah’s emotional availability and aptitude for motivation is much of an asset on his eclectic palette, solidifying him as an artist with a sizeable reach across all forms of natural problems, on a slow but middy beat filled with African drums and heavy claps crafted by Zodivc, the “Dear God” hitmaker takes a deep dive into the land of  introspection to reckon with a fight against everyday demons and problems we face that knocks us off on the first verse.

The music video, on the other hand, gives a much clearer depiction of the message carried across the song for listeners, a street fight that represents everyday struggle, ”Darkie pawa”(Black Excellence) and spiritualism with the singer at the centre of it all, a must watch.

The second verse is an energy-filled verse chaser aimed at lingering demons that seek a higher frequency but lands at a lower vibration with the singer going all out to achieve a transcendence and chemistry with beat,capping the song off with catchy Ghanian jargons to build momentum to the chorus,making the song a successful therapy for fighting inner demons.

WATCH “FIT” video by B4bonnah and Zodivc here.


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