Venom’s Potent Soul

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20 year old rapper, Mnqobi Zolani Malevu, better known by his stage name “VenomRaps” dropped his debut mixtape ‘Potent Soul’ late in January 2018.

Raised in Newcastle, South Africa, VenomRaps was exposed to a wide range of music. He fell in love with hip hop music at the age of 9, when he started listening to mostly Lil Wayne, Eminem and T.I. He started writing his own lyrics when he was 11 years old and he hasn’t stopped since.

What inspired Potent Soul mixtape was the desire to succeed in music and everything else that he does. Potent Soul is about being determined to do your best in order to achieve your desired goals, it’s about taking risks and believing in yourself while doing so.

Potent Soul:

The intro of the track, Venom doesn’t waste time in touching on the state of the rap game in South Africa, how saturated the sounds have become. He makes his ability to spit very clear. He promises to be part of the new age that will be the change that the industry needs.

Zoleka V2:

A song about the hardships that comes with being in a relationship. It is a tale of heartbreak and the process of letting go. This song is dedicated to his sister, Zoleka Malevu


Venom sends a shout out to all the hustlers that are putting in the time to make it where they aspire to be. He also reminisces on the achievements that have motivated him to get to where he is so far. He paints the “come up” to be a wonderful journey on this club banger.


Motivation is a really big component in the journey of an up and comer. The rapper takes us through a series of events that has lead to his hunger to succeed and make it. This track has a very spiritual feel about it, in the sense that it breathes energy from the inspiration from God, his mom and working through the obstacles of school and being told he won’t make it.

Heavenly Father:

The outro, he ends off the mixtape with a prayer asking God to please help make the change that South Africa needs to see. A more meaningful Hip Hop scene, a new President and just better fortunes as an individual hustler who has a dream to change the world.

What inspired his latest mixtape #PotentSoul was his desire to succeed in music and all his endeavors. Potent Soul is about being determined to do your best in order to achieve your desired goals, it’s about taking risks and believing in yourself.

For me personally, what stands out is the ability of the hard rapper to adapt to a trap environment we’re currently living in. This is definitely a project inspired by the events that have occurred in the change of trends in South Africa.

Major highlights in his career thus far would be opening up for Dj Tira at the Newcastle Summer Fest Pre Party in 2017 and also opening up for Kwesta at the 2017 Summer Explosion. Currently he’s been booked to open up for Cassper Nyovest at the Newcastle Winter Festival in April 2018.


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