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Super Producer/Recording artist Tweezy who recently produced the beats of ‘AMEN’ by AKA and ‘KING’ by Nasty C has been working hard on getting his debut album ready and he dropped “Legend” for specifically his lyrical fans to get into the mind of the rapper and see what has been on his mind.

The rapper goes in on his journey so far on how he’s been improving his ability to rap and touches on how he believes that he is the greatest to do it, that it’s just a matter of time before his talent with the pen is recognized and appreciated.

I’ve personally felt like he’s been steadily getting better with the pen, especially with the different flows he’s been incorporating in his music. Sometimes the raps feel a bit forced but what would a hard rapper be without the sounding eagerness to be better with every track they record?

I have a feeling there’s much more surprises coming from the artist !

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