Tonero releases new single, Don’t go.

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Tonero is a 21-year-old Lagos based singer/songwriter & producer creating music from the new paradigm of music currently transforming the scene across most young minds in Africa.

He’s been making music since he was 16 when he learnt how to make his own beats on producing tool, Logic. He started recording himself right after and this led to the creation of his debut project, ‘Ajna’.

In 2016 he released ‘Ajna’ was a compilation of 11 songs all detailing his perspectives on issues like politics, growing up in Nigeria while pursing a dream, being youthful, emotions and his general state of mind. The tape was self-produced and performed and explored a range of sounds.

In 2017 he released 2 singles ‘Fire’ and ‘Missed Calls’ which both got air play across Nigerian stations and gave introduced his music to a larger audience.

His latest and only single this year, ‘Don’t Go’ was released on September 7th. Produced and performed by Tonero, the new single is his reentry into music after a long hiatus. It’s all about hard hitting, smooth production for this one as he talks about chasing a girl he’s into.

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