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We love “This is it” here at Unorthodox Reviews.

Maafia Nhyira, a contributing writer will dish out juicy details about the series which will make you love it too.

So….ICYMI, here is a recap of Episode 1.

Nick Mutuma cast as “Tomide Muenda” in this amazing Nigerian Series is a Kenyan actor, commercial model and celebrated host. He stars alongside Nigerian actress Chiagoziem Nwakanma as “Dede Muenda”. In this episode, Tomide talks about his life before he met his beautiful wife Dede. He is half Nigerian half Kenyan hence the name Tomide Muenda. He grew up in Nairobi but moved to Nigeria with his mother and sister when his father passed away, he is a Computer Engineer who graduated with a second class upper from his mother’s dream University, The University of Lagos. After University, he decided to start his own business. With his best friend Sam on board, they set up a company called “Crest Mobile and Transportation”.

On the day he met his beautiful wife Dede, he had a proposal presentation with a company listed on Forbes “under thirty Technology gurus in Africa” hoping they would invest in his company. He met Dede at the meeting. They quickly connected and they began a relationship which led to marriage. They are now newlyweds who just got back from their honeymoon and are trying to adjust to their new life especially with Parents, friends and sex.

Dede married as a virgin and has little knowledge about sex but she is getting the hang of it because before she got married she asked for some sexual advice from her best friend Kerry.

Just when she was about to experiment what she had learnt, her other girlfriends barged into her matrimonial home.

She was upset, so she had to make her girlfriends know that things had changed and they could not barge in on her anymore because she now lived with her new husband and asked them to leave. At the end of the day, she realized she needs her girlfriends so she paid them a surprise visit with pizza and apologized.

The moral of this episode: Love is beautiful and it needs lots of patience and compromise to survive.


Compiled by Maafia Nhyira


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