Summit Boahen conveys another curve to craftsmanship by catching crude feelings

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Conceived in Tamale and brought up in Kumasi and Accra, Summit Boahen conveys another curve to craftsmanship by catching crude feelings and composing alongside his state of mind.

He considers himself an experimental artiste despite being a big fan of rap music and alternative sounds. He loves to merge sounds and play around with various styles to get a different experience.


As a rapper, Summit is putting out what he contemplates his first official endeavor, the Minimalist Project. An arrangement of work, which gets various parts of his life and his points of view on society.

The project opens with an Intro, which invites listeners to the experience anticipating them with substantial pleasantry and a thrilling rap style.


Just do it (Adjefa’s interlude) is a soulful love number written for the precious love in everyone’s life. It pushes us to just give into love and joy and be happy.



Story, as its name suggests, is a journey into the life of Summit which gives us a brief insight on how he far he has come so far as an artist.


Vibes, a dance-themed number, reminds the artiste and the patron about how life is not always a rush. Life isn’t generally a battle, there ought to be times of self-esteem and getting a charge out of the little achievement and triumphs.


Anarchy is a politically themed song which questions the social injustices and the way leaders take advantage of the system. It is also a call to action, asking that the youth be more proactive in their demand for social justice and equity.


The Minimalist Project (Continuous Mix) is a blend of rap songs and spoken word pieces which touch on issues of hustling and social justice. It also features an interview of the artiste in which he talks about the project and his relationship with his grandmother.

It features Judith, with spoken word interludes by Ayine & TryphenaYeboah.

In all, we’d say The Minimalist Project is a great debut from Summit. We are eager to listen to his other stuff to get to know more of his style of music.


The Minimalist Project was written by Ernest Frimpong Boahen.

Performed by Summit Boahen.

Appearance by Adjefa on Just Do It.

Spoken word pieces written and performed by respective artists.


Production by Bryan the Mensah.

All tracks recorded except Anarchy at KayWan Studios.

Anarchy recorded at MixDown Studios.

Copyright : Ernest Frimpong Boahen.


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