Cypaq’s Green is a benchmark in experimental music.

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First of all, this is in no way related to the color green.
This project talks about Cypaq’s struggles, faith, discomfort, confusion, fears, and general inexperience.
In this album Cypaq says that he doesn’t have to have it all together in his life, he doesn’t have to be the hero in his own story, and he doesn’t have to let his confusion suppress him because he has realized he is just green.
Green means inexperience, and that’s what Cypaq was hitting at with this project.
His inability to cope with certain issues of life and comprehend some complicated issues all make sense to him now because he has realized he can’t understand everything happening because they are all new experiences to him.
Green is an album that portrays self-awareness and encourages every listener to not be afraid to make mistakes.
Enjoy this body of work:

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