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Tekashi 6ix9ine is a natural-born Instagram-generation superstar because he’s crude, brutal, funny, and colorful. Rap is a great career choice in terms of flexing ego, trying to be cool and bragging about your life without it coming off as too condescending.

You can bark your way into internet renown for a verse you wrote in 15 minutes; It resonates with the people because they dare to say and do what most of us can’t or won’t. Tekashi’s rise to stardom has so far stemmed from his arrogant and relentless attitude towards life and his music, not being afraid to think outside the box, even when at times it appears like he’s over the top.

Now that he’s in jail facing a possible life sentence for dealings with gang members that the FBI suggests were itching to take him out, Tekashi, born Daniel Hernandez, wants us to believe that he was just playing a character the whole time, that 6ix9ine is a performance and a fabrication; meaning what he tells us on music, the instagram ridiculing videos of other rappers and acting gangster by carrying guns, the face tattoos and threats he has put out has all been fake.

6ix9ine’s debut studio album Dummy Boy is light on answers to the questions people have been asking about how he really lives his life. Although the first track just has a short cameo from Bobby Shmurda, the introduction leads us well into ‘FEFE’ featuring Nicki Minaj.

The rapper also features Kanye West on two songs, them being ‘KANGA’ & ‘MAMA’ even though they’re content-less voices put on dope spacious trap beats – it’s quite clear that some of the features were more Billboard orientated.

Dummy Boy deals in the same unrepentant goon talk as this past winter’s Day69 mixtape. The difference here is window dressing, featuring A-List artists which forays into R&B duets and Latin trap tunes that are meant to showcase Tekashi’s range.

6ix9ine’s aggressive approach towards his music brings a sort of a hall-like emptiness feel about them, the more you listen; the more you seem to get used to the way his voice does not fit into the tempo of most of the songs on the record.

Listen to ‘Dummy Boy’ here:


– Kholisa Skweyiya (@justkholii__)

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