TDK’s Home Away From Home

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TDK TrullyYours is originally from Pretoria  but moved to Germany when he was 14 years old and stayed in Hamburg. Now he lives in Johannesburg.

The recording artist dropped his debut mixtape “Home Away From Home”in March 2018.

TDK tells us a story about growing up in two completely different countries and how that affected his love for Hip Hop.

“Thinking about my mama and how I need to make her proud.”

The story-teller has an old school, boombap rap style about him that has a new age touch. He reminices on the hoods he grew up in and how alone he felt while being on his spiritual journey to finding himself.

“Let them broke niggas teach you how life is unfair.”

TDK creates a picture that life is too short to not chase your dreams. Live your life in a prison or find a way to make the best out of everything you have.

“All these rappers turning singers, i’m never losing my grip.”

Personally, this mixtape is one of my favourite ones this year in terms of lyricism and story telling.

Let me not give you give you too many spoilers.


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