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Stonebwoy’s Cinematic Visuals for ‘Gidigba’ Tells a Tale of Overcoming Slum Hardships

Stonebwoy - Gidigba

Stonebwoy explores the intricacies of high art to inspire his adoring audience to strive beyond their disenfranchised circumstances with the cinematic visuals for “Gidigba”.

“The story is inspired by the hardship of life and how we have to constantly stand firm and strong because today you’re here tomorrow anything can change the situation, therefore I wrote this story to touch on the very emotional core of the song and what it represents,” shares Stonebwoy.

Composed shortly after the completion of a play, the BhimNation president refines his filmmaking catalog, striking a delicate balance between theatrics playwright and couture connoisseur. The plot of the “GIDIGBA” movie follows the tale of a young boy who’s endured an excruciating fall from grace when his parents are murdered, and he is thrown headfirst into the slums, bargaining with death in an unending struggle to escape troubles.

In lure of the direct translation and message of “GIDIGBA”, a Yoruba word for ‘STAND FIRM’, the brave-hearted young boy rallies his community members to take a stand and overthrow the gangsters who have been reigning terror on their lives for far too long. The real-life fable of the “GIDIGBA” movie serves as an extended metaphor premised on the touchstone of hope, overcoming challenges, and conquering adversities by any means necessary.

Poised for longevity and timeless inspiration, Stonebwoy positions himself as a beacon of empowerment for generations to come.




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