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South African Hip Hop pioneer, Tumi Molekane aka STOGIE T flew to New York and had a sit down with Sway to breakdown the African Hip Hop culture and celebrating rap.

Sway kicked off the show by asking about the origins of Hip Hop in the country, Stogie noted that the real love started in Cape Town and that Johannesburg was where the business side of the genre really took full force and materialized into something bigger.

Stogie then mentioned that there was a thrift between vernac and English speaking rappers at one point and that the late ProKid was one of the first rappers to fuse the two sides and make rap get accepted in the hood.

“I’m from that continent of poverty and long walk accomplishments // where former heroes give birth to spoilt rotten kids.”

He then touched on how ‘LA CLUB’ back in the late 90s opened doors for him after excelling there and how Squatta Camp got a big record deal and that lead to more doors opening for artists.

The emcee also touched on the tradition of ‘being put on’ and how he was also a product of the process. He cleared up rumours of him and Cassper Nyovest having beef or not.

“Sometimes your legacy can be a prison.”

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