Spacely takes the streets in new adventurous police chase thriller video.

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The Chronicles of La Meme and fictional character ‘Officer Skanks’ or better known as La Meme police in their visuals knows no boundaries, and this time, he is after La Meme’s vocal wildcard Spacely.

In retrospect, a Spacely/Darkovibes song has always produced a quintessential vibe, ’Ikechukwu’ is just here to sum all the greatness up. In a venturesome video, it starts innocently enough, we see Spacely hit the streets after getting fresh off the plane. From Traditional street haircut to riding on an ‘Okada’ in a police pursuit, the visuals is satisfying and pleasing, centering everything to the theme of the song. The La Meme artiste drips himself in Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup outfit as he raps about the daily routine of ‘Ikechukwu’ whiles La Meme law enforcer(Officer Skanks) desperately searches for him.



Things get adventurous as the pursuit takes a wild turn and becomes more of an Okada motor chase with spacely escaping the police once again, he links up with fellow La Meme artiste and friend Darkovibes, who spices the video/song with an Ostentatious verse, his words theatrically match with the video, looking sharp in an unreleased Alchemy pants and Nigerian world cup outfit which brightens the whole concept of the song. Spacely crosses the border this time in terms of production, he recruits childhood friend director Chris from Switzerland who from a third eye view takes all the credit for the shoot. The Swiss visionary is on his way to becoming one of the sought-after video directors in the industry and the Ikechukwu visuals is just another notch on his bedazzled belt. Ikechukwu is a fun ride, carefully shot and filled with all sorts of encounters and events.


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