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Sofie Closes Year with the Sister Deborah-Assisted “We Dey”

Sofie We Dey

Sofie closes the year with exciting new music – a catchy song that unites her and Sister Deborah on an Afrobeat soundscape that expresses a mood fit for the epic month of December. 

In her most recent Instagram post the singer teases her new song as her “first ever self-produced Afrobeat song”, The single is powered by a distinct Ghanaian melody that is undeniably incredible. The lyrics explore her own experiences “living fast in Accra’s busy setting as a young person” she states.

There’s an ongoing excitement to the tune, with delightful vocals that flow over the bass-rich percussive instrumentation further adorned by Napoleon Nartey’s bright electric guitar riffs. The featured Sister Deborah doesn’t hold back on her beautiful tone and often-humorous rhymes either. Her bubbly personality culminates in an experience that is infinitely bop-worth, or as burgeoning act coins it, “an incredible journey unlike any other”.

One of the fresh new faces of 2022, Sofie is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter and producer who recently moved to LA and is pursuing music, performing, and collaborating with other artists. She is an alumna of the Berklee College of Music, blessed with an unforgettable voice that has yielded two EPs and a stellar line of releases this year alone: ‘Blur’, and ‘Distance’ (with Matthew J. Hemmer).

Sister Deborah, aka The African Mermaid, is well-known for her timeless and catchy bops like ‘Uncle Obama’, ‘Ghana Jollof’ and ‘Kakalika Love’, all of which showcase fun, inspiring, and often humorous lyricism. The bubbly Ghanaian and Romanian artist with millions of followers on social media are eco-conscious and advocates for human rights in Ghana.

Listen to “We Dey” here.




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