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For those who don’t know what “Keteke Kyio Kyio” is, Keteke is the fante name for Train and just so you know, Fante is a Ghanaian language which originates from the Akan Tribe, one of the many ethnic groups in Ghana. “Kyio Kyio” is onomatopoeia for the sound a train makes when it brakes.

“Keteke Kyio Kyio” is a song by a young, creative and vibrant artiste who has been working in the shadows. A resident and proud native of Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana, Skerie Badmon has been on the scene for quite a while making music. He’s made a habit of making music as consistently as possible, one of which was used in the opening scene of the Kofi Asamoah Movie “Amakye & Dede” which stars Prominent Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel and Comedy icon, Kalybos of Boys Kasa fame.

“Keteke Kyio Kyio” is his most recent project. It is of distinct flavour, style and is delivered in the fante dialect. On the hook of the song Skerie talks about working on a new, fresh and distinct style which will come to stay. “, M’adze a mere ye yi, Dabi me dze bi beba”.

He did with the song the same things he said on it. He speaks on society, passion and success and links these three subjects in a single concept. He raps about focus on self-first and ignoring the negative feedback from society when trying to achieve success which he’s obviously doing with both his music and his life. He delivered the song in a new way and ignored the risk of not getting heard and it paid off.

“Keteke Kyio Kyio” is definitely here to pave way for other acts of vernacular orientation with their own styles to come out regardless the risk of not succeeding. The song is self-produced off his “L A G O S T O W N” Mixtape and Skerie Badmon is definitely an act to look out for.

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