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Award-winning artist, Shane Eagle dropped a much anticipated ‘YellowVerse’ short film on November 9th, 2018.

The theme is a secluded ‘Super Planet’ with no other life on there besides Shane and his girlfriend.

With a sword on his back and dawning whitish hair I was taken back to ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Trunks Saga vibes where he’d traveled back in time from the future to help change the damaged future and also assist the Z fighters defeat a couple of villains.

Opening up the first scene and assuming the role of, ‘BELLATRIX’ the 15-minute video has songs like ‘MIHI’ , ‘EMPTY HIGHWAYS’ , ‘INTRO’ and ‘ON MY OWN’ with scenarios changing with every switch in song. This is definitely something you’d like to check out, find a quiet place where you can properly listen to the words being said complimented with the imagery being painted out.

This is definitely something you’d like to play in the background while on a date with your other significant half!

A lovely gesture for the ladies!!

Watch it here:

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