ShabZi Madallion & Nicki Walker – Soul’d Out [EP]

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Dallirated collaborated with close friend, Nicki Walker to make “Soul’d Out” after a quiet July in which he took an unusual rest from releasing music.

This is ShabZi’s third project of 2018, accompanied with “For The People” [EP] and “Things I Should Have Said Last Year” [mixtape] which dropped in a week’s space.

Soul’d Out is a project about how the rapper has been on the search to find the world in the process resorting to making music commercial music that didn’t really get the reaction he wanted, how he had to go back to the basics and focus on what he knows best.

The second half of the six track project is about a woman by the name of Mo, he was starting to really connect with, they seemingly were going through a complicated time in their relationship/friendship .. YEAH THEY NEVER ENDED UP DATING BECAUSE THEY WERE TRYING TO BE TOO CAREFUL..

“In a game where they take advantage of women, overlooking your talents and trying to address y’all.”

The debate around how women in general in industries dominated by men, in this context.. music is a serious issue that has always needed addressing.

I feel like this story-line is incomplete and we’re still going to get the full scoop in months to come ! This is a side I haven’t really heard from Shabzi !!

Big shout out to Nicki on production !
There should be a Chapter II or a sequel I hope.

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