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South African first season Vuzu Hustle alumni’s, ShabZi Madallion and Jimmy Wiz finally came together to drop their first collaborative record ‘LOOK AT THE TEAM’ ..

Considering how introspective the two emcees are they went with the more melodic approach , stepping outside of their comfort zones. Filled with a lot of ‘radio-friendly’ production brought to you by Blass and Nicki.

I get the feel of them taking it back to ‘big boy baps’ , to the bag pack old school skill days where you’d prove your ability not by how loud the crowd cheers even before you open your mouth, rather how much fire you bring with your lyricism and delivery.

“About to scoop up a model, haters lurking looking like 5.0”

Women seem to be the order of business in the new trap environment, having said that Jimmy, ShabZi and Shaman jumped on a song to give people what they want to hear, instead they put their own twist to it; not in the form of music you’d expect though! No 808s dominating on this track!

Drug issues, depression, the returning of bad habits, the everyday hustler you go through and how important brotherhood is in dealing a lot with those obstacles in life is all addressed in this 8-track project.
“Stamina builds character, I know you want it.”

….FOREVER & A DAY……………

One of the major problems in South Africa, Hip Hop especially in such a competitive and masculine environment is helping one another and a ‘put on’ instead it is seen a ‘ass licking’ or someone who helped you going around saying that they made you..

This playlist is a must hear for anybody who is looking for a bit of direction in life and relative stories in the process of adulting and finding your way!

“Me and my team – we got big dreams.”

Stream/download ‘Look At The Team’ here:

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