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Sedi Adayi ‏Inspires a Revival of Traditional Ghanaian Folk Music with ‘Me’ Album

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Walter Sedi Adayi is a versatile young adult. Aside music artistry expressed through singing and songwriting, he is also a Business Development Manager. Although Sedi’s adolescence sparked his passion for music, he was no stranger to it. His family home has always served as his hub for music. His style of music is influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Bob Marley, Boyce Avenue, Asa, Nneka, and Zara.

Sedi has written over 140 songs with his favorite being a Ga song which he wrote not long after he started learning the language.

Sedi Adayi launches his debut album titled, Me.

‘Me’ is a semi-autobiographical album that expresses concerns of a millennial Christian who identifies as a traditional folk music artiste in Ghana.

Traditional folk music in Ghana is ingrained in Ghana’s history. Like folktales, traditional folk music has features of storytelling. Sedi customizes this genre by giving personal accounts of his experiences and impressions of certain topics.

‘Me’ begins lightly: it is humorous.  Mid-album, Sedi allows us explore his thoughts with him and listeners get a firmer grip of his tonality in his storytelling. The album ends with Sedi crooning about his belief system and Christianity. It is then apparent that Me’s target audience, although not limited to, extensively includes young Christian adults.

Sedi hopes his debut album helps popularise the traditional folk genre among young adults as well as voices the concerns of the internalized struggles of young Christians.

For more information about Me please visit social media its channels:

Instagram: @sediadayi

Facebook: Sedi Adayi

Instagram: @sedi_adayi




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