Saint Kwam Brings Forth High-Energy Vocals to Create Futuristic Trap Banger “Ben”

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New York-based recording artist and creative, Saint Kwam, dropped a single titled “Ben.” The rhymer brings forth a mix of fast-paced production and high-energy vocals to create the perfect futuristic trap banger.

In May 2017, Kwam released his debut EP Sleep No More, which introduced a refreshing mix of insightful song writing and banging production that had listeners waiting for more. He then followed up with singles “Grace,” “Showtime” and “Winner Muzik” in 2018, which continued to grow the size of his core base and the awareness of his movement.

“Ben” is already receiving massive endorsements from fans, influencers, and other artists. This song is a smash, but more importantly, a very strong showcase of Saint Kwam’s star potential. Enjoy.

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