SableVerb’s INDOORS [Edition]

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Sinethemba Mapapu, better known as SableVerb DuPreez. A HipHop artist from Kenton on Sea, Eastern Cape dropped a deluxe edition of the Indoors tape early in March 2018.

The 14-track project tells a story about an artist who has been going through the everyday life of a hustler who is undermined and not taken seriously by his peers and family.

The battles in his state of mind in fighting for the breakthrough he has been looking for, living the life he desires to live or proving people right who doubted him.

Closed doors –

“Maybe you will love me a little more when I pop.”

“Tired of doing this for free.”

Two Sides To a story –

“You made it happen and they couldnt believe,

We went from open mics to the ones they opened for.”

“Kinda sucks when you didnt become the star we thought you’d be,

Focus on 9/5 at least its a sure pay.”

Vibes from the inside –

“Chilling indoors cooking more than just music,

You niggas never listen, always asking for free shit”

That Thang –

“I got a cup in my hand, i been whipping that thang.”

Niggas dont believe i been whipping that.”

Bruce Wayne Interlude –

“Grateful to you haters because you stay listening.”

Israel (Chance The Rapper) –

“If i die, I will do it as me,

Sparring is training without the training wheels – Chance

The bible says mistakes are necessary.”

Crown –

“Grandma showed me love, she taught me how to pray,

Daddy raised me well,

Im not tryna ride on all the waves, im doing fine alone,

Gitas hate me now, cos i be on the wave.”

Someday –

“I wanna be like you someday,

To reach the stars, you gotta build your own spaceship.”

These are quotes from some of my favourite tracks on the tape.

The project consists of a lot of difference sounds, boombap raps, pop cultute beats and old school vibes.

SableVerb’s also says we can expect a lot more music, Visuals and Interviews. All in all hevis planning on releasing his debut album this year so that’s something to look forward to.

You can download & stream his tape on audiomack!


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