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This was what we saw retweeted and tweeted by usual suspects and brothers in Crime- Kwaku BS, RJZ, Spacely, Nxwrth, Darkovibes and Kiddblack.

It definitely got us scratching our heads. What was this all about?

Well, we definitely knew it had to do with music but what were these individual rockstars really up to ?


Backstory: We first got to witness the “LA MÊME Effect” at the first ever Closed Circuit HipHop Show. That was the first time we saw this collective rock a stage. They hands-down had the best performance of the night. This received a lot of interaction both online and offline. Since then, this group of talented/skilled creatives have been seen rocking several important stages.

LA MÊME GANG is an urban group of individual Artists who have come together for the greater good. They comprise of (Ahmed Froko(Nxwrth), Elvis E. Amenyah(Spacely), Paul N. A. A. Darko(Darkovibes), Dennis Dorcoo(Kiddblack), Micheal K. Boateng(kwaku BS) & Joshua E. Mensah(RJZ) The initial aim of the group was to drop a single on hitting 1K followers on twitter. This was however changed to a much more bigger surprise!!

On 12/09/2017, LA MEME dropped their first ever Project as a group, self titled LA MÊME EP.

Although they had been seen in the past collaborating with each other, this was the very first time doing it not as individuals but as a single force!

Being already aware of the work these guys had put in as individuals, we were really eager to listen to this new project!



Craaaaaaaaazy! The Tape is Crazy!!

The Gang was able to pull off what I call an “All pleaser”. Their Genre name depicts their revolutionary nature as they don’t want to conform to the already existing systems hence the name- “FEELS”. It also signifies the current sound the youth and everyone in general would like to vibe to. Attempting to list our favorites off the tape might get us listing the entire tape. Errrm, except Calling Larry of course. Lol.


Nxwrth, the in house producer, who produced 6 tracks (MAD OP, GODZILLA, YAW MING, CARBON(Night life), FITNESS, YAA BABY) off the tape did an exceptional job to show the world how he’s grown as an artist and of course his versatility.

The merger of the Afro beats vibe with Trap Music appeals to any listener giving them the FEELing to enjoy the entire tape. Our music space is ready to be overtaken by so many incredible acts that I can say we are not even ready for!! In accompaniment to the Tape, The gang released a booklet on tumblr (@lamemegang) with their cover art process to give insight on who LA MÊME GANG really is. The EP featured Kwesi Arthur, Kuvie, Samuel A. Grant, Abu, and Hama.


The LA MÊME effect is nothing if not a great revolutionary force currently in the world challenging all and sundry to be the best at what they do. One thing we noticed about their art is that they are not afraid to try new things or hold back on their creativity.


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