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Rema’s Latest Release is a Double-Sided Afrorave Delight

Image source: Director K

Nigerian singer-songwriter Rema has just dropped a double single release featuring the tracks “Holiday” and “Reason You”, which offer a refreshing take on the Afrobeats genre.

With his distinctive blend of Afrobeats and contemporary R&B, the 22-year-old is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new voices in African music.

“Holiday” is a fun and upbeat track that showcases Rema’s infectious energy and playful lyricism. The song is a celebration of life, love, and good times, with a catchy hook that is sure to get stuck in your head. The accompanying Director K-directed music video is a vibrant and colorful visual feast that perfectly captures the song’s joyful spirit.

“Reason You”, on the other hand, takes a more introspective and contemplative tone, with Rema exploring themes of love and self-reflection. The song’s mellow beats and dreamy instrumentation create a hypnotic atmosphere that draws the listener in, while Rema’s soulful vocals deliver a heartfelt message to his love interest.

Overall, “Holiday” and “Reason You” double single release is a testament to the artist’s versatility and creativity. With his unique blend of Afrobeats, R&B, and pop, Rema is pushing the boundaries of African music and cementing his place as one of the most exciting new talents in the industry.

Stream ‘Holiday/Reason You’ below:



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