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South African recording artist, Flex Rabanyan AKA Rabayeezy drops visuals ahead of his debut album “The BornFree” dropping 15 May 2018.

Coming back from a lot of controversy after winning the VuzuHustle, Season 2 the artist returned with a powerful music video.

The visuals entail a theme of Dragon Ball Z where Goku had to go against villains like Frieza, Majin Vegeta and Majin Buu.

The song is based on tackling adversity, coming back stronger after having your back against the wall and trusting in God to lead the way.

Frieza was the first time Goku had his biggest challenge when he had to transcend into a super saiyan for the first time to defeat him.

This battle motivated him to get stronger and train even harder for the next evil threats and that’s what he did.

The evil villians are the obstacles Flex had to overcome to get to where he is.

Watch and fill up the rest of the pieces!

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