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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Gyakie?


Known widely for her hit song ‘Forever’, Gyakie is a talented Ghanaian musician who is having the time of her life.

Since her debut release, Gyakie has gone on to build a cult following. She’s had the opportunity of collaborating with some of Africa’s very talented artistes including Bisa Kdei, Omah Lay, and performed on a number of international stages.

Let’s see if you’re a real fan of the “Forever” hitmaker. Don’t forget to share your results to show off your brilliance!

#1. What is Gyakie's real name?

#2. Where in Ghana was Gyakie raised?

#3. Which of these is Gyakie's debut song?

#4. Which year did she drop her debut song?

#5. When is Gyakie's birthday?

#6. What's the title of Gyakie's debut EP?

#7. How many tracks are on the debut EP?

#8. Which University did Gyakie attend?

#9. What's the name of Gyakie's sophomore EP?

#10. What's Gyakie's fanbase called?



Wow! It’s true. You’re certainly Gyakie’s biggest fan!


Will Gyakie be proud of you? Do better! Take the quiz again!

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