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EGYPT: Priddy Ugly Album Review

Priddy Ugly EGYPT

25-year-old South African rapper Ricardo Moloi, more widely known as ‘Priddy Ugly‘ dropped his much-anticipated debut album, EGYPT late in November 2017.

Born to an Angolan mother and South African father, the artist has an exotic look about him. He also brings into the game a very different feel to music. Figuring how different his background is, EGYPT was always going to be a project coming from a different perspective compared to the usual album’s you would hear.


A track about the come up and always sticking to his true self. Working hard for the days to make it. A ten-year grind that is finally coming together. Being different is not such a bad thing. It creates originality.

Ambition II:

A sensitive story where he was talking to his dad. Also reminiscing on how he used to be driven by other people to places when he didn’t have a car. He also raps about a cousin who went to prison and didn’t get to see.
Family is emphasized on this track, more touching when he was catching up with his grandma.

“your favorite rapper is a chicken I’m whipping in the kitchen.”


Being spiritual and not forgetting to pray is vital. Priddy teamed with choreographer and now singer, Bontle about their connection .. How she notices the hard work he’s been putting into his grind.
A strong emphasis on the relationships in his life, his family, the amount of influence they’ve had in his growth as an artist and human-being in general.

This is a very vocal album, mixing lyricism of raps and singing on old school, trap and soulful beats. A new Priddy Ugly compared to the one we’ve been listening to for years since he’s been in the game.

Authenticity has been a trait the artist has always been credited for. If you want to know how to exercise your abilities and artistry this is one project you can cast your ear on for tips and advice.

This project puts you in a trance, taking you through the growth of a young man who used to have dreams of making his hopes and become a reality. The long days in studio bettering his craft to best express himself.

My favorite tracks on the album so far are, EGYPT, look alike, 02Hero, Ambition II and Pray in no particular order.

The artist lived through the days of booking your own gigs, hustling for studio time, ways to getting by and finally, he has the opportunity to just focus ONLY on the music.

This album needs you to have an open mind. It needs people who really want to understand the journey of an artist to being bigger and better than they were yesterday.

You can get the album on all digital platforms.

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