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The Black Cobain, Poet The Sonnet and formally known as PDot O dropped ‘Under The Sun’ his sophomore album on July 2nd, 2018.

The Cap City artist who is known for his incredible ability to play with words took his consumers through a story line of his losses, obstacles, inspirations, motivation and real love for God that has kept him strong in his life and a cutthroat music industry.

Pdot O made sure on this project that he doesn’t box himself up in the ‘RAP’ stereotype where fans would normally associate a lyrical beast with one type of boom bap sound.

I got the feeling that this album was more about the onward progress he’s made with talented people around him, probably the major reason why he was able to feature so many new talents we might not have heard of, on production and features in general.

Rap music is an art that has struggled to break into an industry that has always been about fast moving trends and ‘radio-like’ music that gets the unites moving and the rapper instead strategically went with a selection of beats that allow different listeners to pick and choose what type of material they prefer over the other.

Tired of complaining about how the industry hasn’t received his music well and what people think about the different feelings he brings out he took a stance and used his creative process without filtering and gave us ‘Under The Sun’ ..

Some of my favourite tracks so far are Celebrate The Roses, Love To Africa, Overlooked, Angels, Bedroom Tales, Under The Sun (the song) and When You’re Down

Shout out to SilasBeats, Angie Santana, Reason, Rea, Tamarsha, GeniusRSA, Blaklez, Thokozile, Donavon Borne and many more who featured on the album !

Chasing the legendary status and making sure he lives memorable music that people will remember him by he sampled the likes of Ray Phiri, Miriam Makheba, his sister and many more influential people in his life taking further strides in making sure that his legacy is stamped.

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