Orange Is More delish on Black!- Here’s why…

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Ever seen a beautiful black boy in bright orange from head to toe? Don’t think I have either until Lasi Royale’s latest collection, ‘Orange is The New Black’ (OITNB) – and suddenly, orange flavoured chocolate comes to mind!

Speaking to the brand’s C.E.O and creative director, Selassie Agbelorm, he started the brand in 2015 making his first product, Royal beads( special beaded gift accessories ) These were so good, he says, that the response from clients were really uplifting,’…and this was more than enough motivation, I loved what I was doing all the more…’

The brand’s first official collection (OITNB) launched late last year , prior to this Selassie coupled beaded bracelets and necklaces with African print underwear for the boys (*grinning* I know you like the sound of this- absolutely read on!)

now this brighter than the Sun collection, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now was inspired by the Netflix series, ‘Orange is The New Black’ in which Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) goes to prison for an age old crime.

Selassie says he chose orange also because its such an energetic colour and looks so, so good on black skin,’ makes us black people look beautiful and really sexy….’, although he admits that making of his new collection was no mean feat, hundreds of dedicated man hours from design to fabric selection to the actual making and styling, even flying in models (aaish ;-p) just to make sure this works out beautifully. the response he says, has also been heart-warming so far and it actually woke people up to the realization that orange really is an infectious colour.

He describes 2017 fashion year as a good one, adding that he enjoyed very good collections from amazing designers like Quophi Akota, Sima Brew, Nicoline, Abrantie, Duaba Serwaa and he says he’s hoping for the very best this year. Pssst! ladies, there’s something up this incredible student designer’s sleeve this year and its all just for you so please, please watch this space….very…..carefully. And please guys, here’s something Selassie would like you to know:

“If you’re a black man or woman out there, be comfortable in your skin because even though you may not realize it, you’re just as beautiful the way you are.”

Thanks a million for reading guys! If you’d like to purchase any piece from Lasi Royale’s Orange Is The New Black collection, or simply admire his work, check out their Instagram page @lasiroyale or by mail or give them a call on +233 55 4603061.


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