3rty’s New Single “Oya” is a Call to Action for the African Youth

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3rty is a singer, songwriter and music producer from Lagos, Nigeria who has brewed what he calls Herbal Music a special blend of Afro Beats, Soul and Trance music.
3rty recently released a collaboration album with Kid Marley called The Grey Area. With this project, he experimented with mixing his Herbal Music with Kid Marley’s high energy delivery. The Grey Area was released in June 2018 to wide acceptance.

His all new single, Oya is a song that highlights the major challenges the average Nigerian youths face on a daily basis. It is also a call to action for all youths to not only go out and vote but also to be ready to defend their votes.

Written by 3rty in a moment of utter frustration and produced by Jay Blakez. Oya is a cry for help for a better country ad a better life. The power is in our hands and we can make our country better.

In other news, 3rty is currently working on a new album called ‘Herbal Music’, “I promise it will be 100% organic music to ease your mind, heal your heart and soothe your soul.”


Listen to Oya [here]

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