Odartei Successfully Elevates Single “Seduction” with Visuals

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After showing huge potential with previous singles over the years, Odartei releases visuals to bedroom mood-setter “Seduction”, and he successfully elevates the dopeness of the song with the visuals.

With stringed instruments and a melodic phrase, the singer starts the song off with his low but calm voice, providing his brittle voice with the perfect intro.

Odartei is a man with great taste, and this professional panty dropper shows it all. From seductive scenes to cameo’s from Villain sounds fictional character, the video depicts everything that rounds off a “perfect night”.

With perfect shots & frames to match the song, credit goes to Swiss director Chris, who is also behind Spacely’s recent video “Ikechukwu”.

On this project, however, Chris takes things cool and soothing as the audio requires, creating a calm atmosphere in a gym scene, whiles the singer sings to his lover in a sultry, sexy and sweaty way, delivering a chorus that is going to stay embedded in you even when the song is done.

There is also a quick scene in a changing room with sets a chaleur mood and a doux like setting, the other half of the video sees Odartei outside with his lover with a set up that boasts of colorful lights.

The video spots cameos from Spacely, producer Zodivc, and La Meme fictional character Officer Skankey.

Need a reminder to turn that flab into summertime fun? Then check out Odartei’s rigorous workout visuals below:



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