Nxwrth visualizes Cupid through the eyes of Creative Director BZDRKO

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Cupid was born as an ode.
An Ode to love that producer and eclectic artist Nxwrth finds the way to bring to life through the voice of Darkovibes.
His voice speaks for the disbelief in the purity of love that he’s experiencing.
Love is pure but why does it also have be tragic? Or is that the only way love can be?
Nxwrth visualizes these feelings through the eyes of Creative Director BZDRKO (Ayebea Darko).
As she already did for La Même Gang’s ‘GODZILLA’ and Bruddah Nay’s ‘DURAG DREAMS’ visuals, she seems to have the ability to show to the audience unexpressed concepts within the music.
This time she put a twisted spin on a traditional African love story using as main inspiration 1920’s silent movies.
She says:
“I believe that as a young creative in Africa, conventionality (often rooting from fear) is our biggest hindrance.
I’m trying to disrupt conventional African conceptual thinking of what a visual for a love story should be. I got kind of tired of seeing the same ‘song-and-dance’ videos that I’d been raised to believe is the ‘right way’ to portray love and tragedy visually.’
Get Cupid Audio here
Release Date: 07/10/2018
Time: 7PM

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