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Heeey Y’all! I’m glad to be coming your way with another eclectic story. I pray everyone’s been well, full of laughter and oh, staying en vogue. Tell you what, there are brands and there are brands people. Like I’m always happy to hear names like Quophi Akotua, Pistis, Chocolate, and this and that but I’m even happier to discover brands like Dufie Boateng. (I love that it’s so very Ghanaian, brings your mind straight home =) )

Started by designer & illustrator Melissa Boateng, the brand revealed its very first collection, ‘Greek Eternal’ in May, 2018 at the Radford Graduate Fashion Show. The collection’s an endless show of love, (which is the whole point) because it was inspired by “Hymn to Aphrodite”- a Greek poem by Sappho that paints a vivid picture in our minds about the goddess of love with tremendous passion and detail.

The collection interestingly captures concepts like love, deceit and power and these form the concrete foundations for all the fantastic, unique shapes that run through the garments. If you’re a lover of soft flowy fabrics, flounces, gentle, sensual colours, avid lines and silhouettes, look no further- this definitely is the collection for you.

                            Pieces from Dufie Boateng’s debut collection ‘Greek Eternal’

While the brand has taken off on good notes, Melissa’s baby, Dufie Boateng promises:

  • freshness & diversity when it comes to fabric choices.
  • authenticity
  • ethical fashion
  • variety for youthful individuals who are not only drawn to street style but also have taste for high end, sophisticated lines & shapes.
  • providing broader opportunities for young fashion enthusiasts.

Aren’t you loving this all-new package?! I know I am… lol – OK so these pieces have traveled far from the debut show to platforms like Style Lounge 2018, Afropunk, Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week 2018, CNN Africa and the Glitz Africa Fashion Week ’18 among others.

Melissa captions one of her delightful Instagram posts of the collection as being but a dream. We wish Dufie Boateng the very best as it begins its journey into the colorful world of fashion! Follow them on Instagram: @dufieboateng_official or Email: for more updates.

Meanwhile. It never gets boring for me on this side of life! I hope you enjoyed this piece. Please, please kindly share, like and comment as much.



Images courtesy AfroPunk.

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