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South African Music News

Nasty C and Domani speak on Hip-hop and the Culture Surrounding it

Nasty C Domani

Ivyson Army tour general, Nasty C, has spoken on the exchange of cultures between himself and Domani – as they both come from different parts of the same divide.

In an interview with Zkhiphani TV, a reference was made concerning his Netflix documentary, “Zulu Man In Japan“. This is what Nasty C had to say about hip-hop music:

I feel like in the States, it was birthed there. It’s their culture typa thing – you know we were just inspired by it and we adopted it.

He added, “you might find it more adopted more than in other countries like in Japan for instance. It’s become part of who they are because hip-hop is kind of drifted and leaned towards the whole fashion thing.

Domani added his two cents, saying, “Out here it’s a lot more rhythm. I feel like, you know, back home we’ve got our 808s, we’ve got the bumping beats. But it’s like, we’re bumping our heads. Out here music makes you want to move your whole body.

Among other things, they shed some light on Domani’s fourth studio album, ‘Skydive’ which features Nasty C on a track titled, Friends.

Stream “Friends” below:




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