MUSIC | Nii Amu Unleashes Catchy & Relatable New Single ‘Gye Gye Wo’

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Nii Amu’s [alias ‘Kotiboomin’] latest song has the makings of a mainstream hit single. A danceable beat, a catchy hook, a humorous concept, and relatable, easy-to-sing-along verses.
 The first verse of the songs describes a boy expressing his distress about a girl who did not give him attention in his impoverish days but wants a link up now that he has made it whereas there was a switch in the second verse describing a girl who was abandoned and denied by a boy because she lacked certain physical features but the boy wants a relationship now that she has these features.
‘Gye Gye Wo’ was written, composed, performed and produced by the young sensation at Kushesha Studios with Jayfyn handling the mixing and mastering. Writing credits however also go to Maxwell ‘Berch’ Anokye on this one.
Turn your speakers up and enjoy!

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