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I stumbled on a song titled “Her Addictions (Is It Real)” by Jaleel Thomas and T- Mak. First off, the name Jaleel Thomas sounds very “New Yorkish” and what drew my attention to the song was the name of the collaborator, T-Mak. He is known for his production work on most of Kidd Black’s projects and is an occasional “emcee”.
5 minutes later
*clicks on link*
“The music trap me” but I am pleased to reveal that my expectations were exceeded after I clicked on the link to listen. A cool but “jumpy” instrumental with one of the waviest deliveries I have heard all year. Though laced with some very “vicey” content the delivery from both acts is made with such apt accuracy. “I go fit bop my head to this jam all day”.
I’d say more but I honestly think you need to listen. Find the link below.

Compiled by Jephthah Osei-Mensah

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