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Coltears“, off the second joint project by AYo!9:TRo and T3rrific titled “The BLVCK SOLE Collection“, is the first single off the project as performed by AYo!9:TRo along with songwriting credits going to him and production credits going to T3rrific,WebieJustDidIt and Nixie, handling beat production, mixing and mastering respectively. The song “Coltears” is the combination of the words ‘colt’ and ‘tears’, with the title basically signifying ‘the tears of a young horse’. The song tells of three subjects: conception and later offspring living, telling of the struggle of a mother’s conception, which brought forth her son and later losing her life after entrusting a number of property and ensuring her son was a great name before her upsetting departure from the living. The second subject tells of belief systems, highlighting that of Christianity and the hypocrisy that exists within its communities and a sneek peak into performer

AYo!9:TRo’s next project title “The KKKs[The Kool Kalm Killectives]” also talking about mind states. The third subjects speaks on education and its perks: the elite being ‘worrisome’ with topics that only satisfy them along with the ‘frustrated’ educational system, along with mass media, particularly radio, giving coverage to non-national music often and favoring a section of the country’s musicians, whereas truths meant for soul survival which our some of our artists here carry need to be told of.

The BLVCK SOLE Collection” by AYo!9:TRo of dZZZdope and T3rrific of O.N.E, is the second project by the duo after their first “The Classic Nights EP”was released in the year 2015, and with this new album, takes are shared on observations made as they being Ghanaians on their journey to appreciating roots, their take on the future and music and where they intend going, along with feminine abstraction and outliving memories and dreams as young men from the regular Ghanaian home with the traditional cliches [of school completions, working on the securing of professions, as well as having made one’s mind ready for the institution marriage].

Production credits for the album “The BLVCK SOLE Collection” go to WebieJustDidIt, Nixie, T3rrific, OdeeOne and Fantom, along with executive and additional production going to KayMad and AYo!9:TRo (of dZZZdope). 


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