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Anchor EP is the debut compilation release of spoken word newbie Ms.B.Redd, after some three years of performances and covers. Most of you may remember her from Okuntakinte’s single Decoco. “Anchor is dedicated to my brother who passed away years ago. The anchor is a symbol of strength to my family and to myself as a person. It embodies my journey as a woman.” says Ms. B.Redd.

Redd’s gorgeous tranquil voice glides seamlessly on beats produced by JaySo and Yung Fly, who are renowned for their impeccable productions. The 5-track EP also features MzFu, RiaBoss and Kidi.


Simple and a good starter! The chiming seemed to represent her arrival, the rising, the reformation and the moulding. A piece describing her features, what she’s been through, how she’s moving on, only this time, even better. Just as a Phoenix, a mythical bird that burned itself and rose from the ashes with renewed strength to go through another cycle of five or six centuries on the Arabian Desert, she’d rise from the ash of the past gloriously with beautiful wings to fly towards to the ends, as far as she could reach. PHOENIX, produced by the amazing JaySo, is my second favourite on the EP.


Ms. B. Redd


Produced by Yung Fly and featuring MzFu and Ria Boss, BLUNT DAGGERS comes second on the ANCHOR EP. If you haven’t had individuals in your life who try their best in their words and actions to get you to your lowest every single time, have you really lived? This piece is spoken to such people whose aim is to kill our spirits with their daggers. Daggers of hurtful words, daggers of discouragements, daggers of selfishness. To Ms. B. Redd their actions are blunt daggers- blunt because the same things have been said and done so many times she has outgrown its effects. At a point one will learn to appreciate but ignore negative energies and if that point is obscure to you now, you’d get there. “None of us could win pointing fingers allowing hate to linger” these words are spoken in this piece and serve as a reminder to every one to at least be comfortable with their own space enough to appreciate that of others. MzFu and Ria Boss came in strong on this tune. An intelligent piece after PHOENIX, BLUNT DAGGERS is my definitely my favorite.

Never let them see you sweating“-seems like a hard thing to do. To survive in the world however, you don’t go blabbing your weaknesses to others. You stay strong even when all is going wrong. Another thing is not to trust fully but that’s a piece for another time. In BARGAINING CHIPS she speaks about playing your cards well, learning about your competitors even those closest to you. She also talks about making wise decisions and cautions us to think big before we go in big. if you’d want to go in big without thinking big, however, then you probably should have been prepared to best embrace the aftermath. BARGAINING CHIPS was some good words and the sound was produced by JaySo.

Kidi walks in with sweet vocals at the beginning of DON’T DANCE IN THE RAIN– good choice, I must say, for this piece. Methinks the ‘rain’ could represent something else anyone could make meaning of considering their current situation. She spoke on a smooth tune produced by Yung Fly.

The fifth and final piece is THE VIEW which was also produced by JaySo. From my perspective, it talks about something one is ashamed of or causes embarrassment yet one can’t do without. Beginning and ending on an oblique note, I hope you figure out THE VIEW.

Ms. B. Redd


Ms B.Redd’s style is simple but not straight to it. I loved every bit of the slight innuendos. For a spoken word artiste, I think she goes too soft and solemn on her words and sentences that, as a listener, I would have loved to hear with a bit of a rise in tone to depict meaning and worth- maybe that’s her style. Her delivery was good I must admit and she kept it up on each of the pieces. With a beautiful concept well executed, we say congratulations on this one Ms. B. Redd, we look forward to the next.

Compiled by Philip Edusei & Esi Otoo


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