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Mr. Grind Smith’s story is ‘Highly Klasified’

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New (not so new) kid on the block Mr. Grind Smith has dropped his latest project, the ‘Highly Kasified 1431’ mixtape earlier this month and it packs a lot of heat.

A self-made man, Mr. Grind Smith is a versatile producer, lyricist, and performer and has steadily made a name for himself in the content creation field as a technical director, editor and boardroom goon.

He has performed alongside artists such as Jay Stash, Rashid Kay, Stylez, Quaz, Micasa, Kanivo, and many others.

Mr. Grind Smith is currently in the Top 10 Hip-Hop artists in Johannesburg and has influence and impact in international territories as far-reaching as The Netherlands and Los Angeles.

The fact that he is a respected musician that has had a string of successful singles playlisted on radio stations such as YFM, 5FM and KasieFM proof that with the right mix of talent and gusto all odds can be overcome.

‘Highly Kasified 1431’ tells the tale of a young man’s will to survive in a world that is as rewarding as it is unforgiving.

This project will be etched in the hearts and minds of the culture for a long time to come and promises to be one of the most important mixtapes in South African underground hip-hop this year and beyond.

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