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Meet Multi-Talented Ghanaian Producer Kenxshin

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Kenxshin is a multi-talented producer and artist from Ghana who started producing in the year 2016. His love for music motivated him to start making some of his own.

Travis Scott is seen as a pivotal factor in his sound choice and mentor as a whole. He derived his name from his love for anime and Runouni Kenshin, The Battousai.

His sound as a producer and artist is diverse and dimensional in many aspects.

He has had various collaborations with various other artists such as Kwesi Arthur, Demmi, Bebelino, FRD, Ayat, Supagaeta and many others.

Here is a catalogue of his recently released personal projects:
VVS is a song written and produced by Kenxshin. It talks about his struggles with a girl who seems to only like him for his money


Ring is another project which is also written and produced by Kenxshin. It also talks about his struggles with a girl as they try to understand their relationship with each other.


Money Right is a song written by Kenxshin and longtime collaborator Demmi. It was also produced by Kenxshin. As the the title implies; it talks about how they are both trying to get their money up so they live lavish lives.


Check out Kenxshins entire production Catalogue here:

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