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YOU is a beautiful tribute to a lover. A lovely tune that begins with a spectacular entry of a harmonium of instruments providing a blend that quickly settles one’s mind for the song. This proves to be an enticement making the listener eager for what they are most expectant of. The song speaks of the intensity of the little and very simple things our lovers do that gets us in an incredible way and in effect make the feeling grow stronger than ever. Taking your lover’s hands in yours, trying to hide a smile from them, and stealing glances at them are amongst the simple things the songstress professes. She further confesses to the lover that, “there’s no particular reason, it’s the little things you do that have me so glued to you, they have me in love with you“. This lover appears to be a fortress, a caregiver and one who is relentless in his effort to make her comfortable and happy as she continues with the words, “you’re always here, there’s no one else I’d rather count on” . The chorus, “you don’t know what you do that drives me crazy, you don’t know what you say but I’m happy baby. You don’t know what you mean to me, you don’t know what you do“, generously churns the tune out to describe how deep this love runs and how the lover may somewhat be oblivious of this fact.

YOU is a jazzy-soul masterpiece, carefully written and produced with much exactness and precision. From the moment the music begins, through to the lovely hums Maayaa hinges on to steadily move her sultry voice into the tunes, to the last note that signs the song off to the listener, one’s attention remains stolen. A strange yearning, a longing to hear more of this lover’s story, takes over the thoughts of the listener even as the music ends.

It’s the tune to listen to with a lover, it’s a tune to slow-dance to, a spectacular production by Maayaa and VI music’s very own, KWAME KAFUI. The Band Fra were on the instruments and Qube mixed the song.


Compiled by Esi Otoo

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